The Wager

February 9, 2017

There are lessons we all must learn in life. Some are easy, some are difficult, and some can trap us if we aren’t careful.

In a hot arid region of India, a very wealthy nobleman of sorts routinely coordinated illegal gambling activity at his luxurious estate. Another gentleman of some means was visiting, and willingly wagered against him in a game of Seep. The winner would bank over a million dollars on a single game. To his great surprise and relief, the second gentleman won the bet.

The nobleman smiled a wide mischievous smile. “No matter. What is a million dollars to me? But let me make you an offer. I have a home worth far more than a mere million dollars. I am willing to part with it, if you are agreeable, to settle our wager.”

The second gentleman, wary of the deal, agreed only to view the home before he would consider accepting the offer.

“Of course, of course,” the nobleman assured him. “I am sure you will be most pleased.”

“I will bring my contingent,” the second gentleman insisted (safety in numbers).

“Yes, yes. Bring whomever you wish.”

The band of men traveled to one of the most desolate and hot regions in the area. When they reached the place where the home was supposed to be located, they saw only a grouping of market tents in the middle of nowhere.

“Where is this home I am to see? There is nothing here but a scattering of tattered market tents with meager wares at best,” the gentleman who won the bet ranted.

The nobleman only smiled and, with an unusual tapping pattern, knocked on one of the market tent posts.

A very attractive woman dressed in a colorful silk sari emerged from the tent and looked at the nobleman with a knowing gleam in her eye. She held open the tent flap for the gentlemen to pass through.

It became clear to the gentleman who won the wager that this strange market place was somehow a part of the property the nobleman offered. But from the tattered looks of it, he doubted the property was actually worth a million dollars.

Rather skeptical, the gentleman and his entourage stepped through the tent flap.

With the kind of magic that can only be akin to that in the marvelous Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling, once the group stepped through the entryway they found themselves in a lavish home filled with beautiful furnishings. The extreme heat, that was so typical for the area, had all but vanished within the walls of the home. The air was quite cool and comfortable. There were drinks of every kind to quench the thirst and alter the senses, and plenty of beautiful women to pleasure the men.

Rather pleased with the home after seeing it, the gentleman was only too willing to accept it as the nobleman’s offer to settle their wager.

The gentleman would not ever leave his gilded cage; he was, in fact, a prisoner of his choices.

Gambling, in moderation, can be fun and exciting (especially when you are winning), but it can become a serious problem for people who don’t know when to stop. If you or a loved one has a problem with gambling please take a moment to consider Gamblers Anonymous.

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