The Competition

I apologize for this late blog entry. It was a dream I had the night before Valentine’s Day and should have been posted then, but I spent time with my sweet valentine (my wonderful husband). I hope you all understand and forgive my tardiness.

February 14, 2017

Anyone who has been to a county fair knows about all of the wonderful competitions you can participate in. If any of you have ever baked a winning pie, or grown the largest squash, or raised the prized pig in one of those competitions, you know the excitement of earning that blue ribbon.

My most recent dream focuses on something similar to those annual competitions, and the jealousy and sabotage that ensue.

A group of very talented young ladies sign up for the competition every year. They create new arts and crafts, design new hairstyles and fashions, and develop delicious new culinary delights. Sadly, their efforts go unrewarded because they never manage to arrive at the competition location (which changes every year). Still, their spirits are never dampened.

There is another group of young women, somewhat less talented, and rather jealous on the whole, who also sign up for the competition each year. It is this group’s devious and underhanded exploits that cause their more talented rivals to miss out on the competition. Each year they learn in advance (from a friend on the committee) where the competition is to be held, then they print up a forged, yet very official looking, flier and entry form and mail it to the other group. This little ruse of theirs has worked for several years, causing the more talented group to end up at the wrong location on the day of the competition.

Unfortunately for the less talented group, (or, to be more precise, fortunately for the more talented group) this year it backfired. While they made sure the more talented group had the wrong location, it so happened the route they took crossed paths with the other competitors, and they saw them all headed the other direction. As a result, the more talented group turned around and headed to the correct location.

When the less talented group discovers their little trick didn’t work this year, they set out to sabotage the products and ideas of the more talented team. They spill dye on the other group’s clothing designs, and manage to get the same dye on their hair styling equipment in an attempt to ruin their hairstyles.

In the end, their attempts at sabotage failed because the other girls were so creative they actually used some of the sabotaged items in their presentations. The dye in the hair and on the clothes matched each other and looked planned out in the presentation. And a torn shirt was deftly repurposed, on the fly, into a bandanna with a twist tie up for a clever, interesting, and never before seen new look.

When it was discovered what the less talented group had been up to, including all the years past, they were disqualified and never allowed to compete in future events. Oh, and their friend on the committee was removed.

This just goes to show, people may try to rattle you in life, but if you keep your cool and let your creativity shine you just may end up with something even better in the long run.

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