On Edge

February 3, 2017

Change can sometimes be terrifying. This year we have seen the inauguration of a new president, Donald Trump, which comes on the heels of a great deal of division between the people of our country. On a more personal level, my family is also facing many changes that we hope will be for the better. All of this adds to our level of stress and is reflected in this most recent dream of mine.

It was an early morning and we, my husband, my daughter, my stepson, and I, were able to watch the sunrise. Its gradient cast a deep orange and yellow glow between the ridge of the hillside and the sky, as it rose up against a backdrop of beautiful azure blue.

We drove over to a little lake park near our house. It was a perfect morning for fishing. Anything we caught could be grilled on one of the outdoor grills at the park and we would add it to the picnic lunch we brought with us.

All was well during that early part of the day, fishing and people watching.

The afternoon was reserved for shopping; something even my husband enjoys. The mall was bustling with crowds so large that people were practically elbow-to-elbow. My husband and his son wanted to look in the game shop and the sporting goods store, but my daughter wanted to look at just about everything else. We agreed to go our own ways and then meet up again later.

The first shop my daughter and I came across was something akin to Bath & Body Works. We went in and looked around, smelled the different soaps and lotions, and checked out the array of lipstick colors and glosses. As I was waffling between two different items, my daughter walked around the shelf to the next aisle.

In the distance the crack and fire of three gunshots rang out in rapid succession. Fear and confusion flooded through me. I did my best to quickly make my way past the now panicked customers to where I believed my daughter was on the next aisle over. She was nowhere to be seen. My heart nearly beat its way out of my chest with fear.

Pushing through the crowds, screaming out her name over and over again, I made my way to the door that led outside the mall.

Though evening had come, and the sky was darkening, there was clearly visible on the sidewalk the lifeless bodies of three young children; their mother’s weeping over them. Police were holding back the crowd of shoppers seeking to flee to safety, fearing they might trample the area where the three dead children lie. Their attempt to preserve the crime scene, and control the rising panic, while at the same time search for the gunmen proved difficult.

Forced to one side by an officer, I fumbled for my cell phone; I was desperate to contact my husband and stepson. I needed to know they were safe. I needed them to know I was safe. I needed them to help me search for my missing daughter.

To my utter relief, the three of them (my husband, my daughter, and my stepson) were ushered out the very door I had gone through earlier, and they found me standing near a wall flooded with light from an overhead lamp. We reunited in a lasting group hug. Our nerves were still shaken, but we were grateful to be safe and together.

Though my relief was realized at the end of this dream, it paled next to the horrific tragedy felt by the other mother’s losses (the gunmen were never found).

We have seen too much tragedy in our waking lives in the past months and year; People divided, protests leading to riots, destruction, and death. We must learn to come together peacefully for the safety and preservation of us all, and for the earth and the universe we inhabit. Let us bring back the joy we feel when we watch the beauty in the sunrise of a new day.

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