February 6, 2017

What do you know? Two dreams in one night, the excitement continues.

I walked through the front door of my home to a crowd of people rummaging through my belongings, through my husband’s belongings, heck, through all of our belongings. No, they were not robbers. They were under the impression that they were attending an estate sale.

Since I (and my family) was clearly not deceased, I demanded to know who had organized this event, all the while attempting to stop people from scouring through all of our valuables. A young couple, combing through my jewelry (which I promptly removed from their possession), directed me toward a young woman with a topknot of brown hair, wearing a dark grey pantsuit, and carrying a clipboard. When I approached her, the color drained from her cheeks.

“Who are you, and what is going on here?” I insisted. I watched her face flush crimson again with anxiety. She refused to tell me her name.

I reached for her clipboard, noticing a flier related to the estate sale attached to it. She parried. I reached for it again. Again, she parried. She obviously didn’t want me to discover what was written on that flier.

“Let me see that!” I wrenched the flier from her. The address was mine, but the name of the deceased was not. This woman was selling our belongings under someone else’s name.

“Who is this person?” I asked, my anger nearing its threshold. “The one named on the estate sale? How did their name get paired with my address?”

The woman’s panic was palpable. It was clear she knew she either had the wrong address for the estate sale, or she was knowingly using a false owner. Either way, she cared not to correct the error; greed was driving her actions.

“Fix this, and return everything that was sold, or face legal consequences.” I advised.

She said nothing, even as the police arrived, handcuffed her, and took her into custody. She was wiling to chance going to jail all to get her hands on a sales commission.

Greed is but one of the seven deadly sins. Take care to keep each of them in check and live a humble life.

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