February 6, 2017

One can never predict who might show up in their dreams, or the part they will play.

How strange it was to dream of Mary Ann (yes, the one from Gilligan’s Island). Stranger still were the conditions under which we interacted.

I had just arrived at the hotel where I was staying while attending a convention for the blind. Mary Ann was navigating the halls with a red-tipped white cane (designed for the blind). Her skills were not only poor they were down right wrong. For this reason, I knew she was pretending to be blind, I just didn’t know why. But I was going to find out.

I approached her with the intent of exposing her deception. My brilliant idea was to swing my own cane in her direction; actually coming close to tapping the wall beside her in an effort to make her react to the visual cues. As if that would do the trick, right? Well it did. Big surprise! She batted at my cane and said in a hushed yet aggressive tone, “Get out of my way! They will catch me if you don’t.”

“They,” I thought, “Who are they?”

I never had a chance to find out, or even ask the question.

Mary Ann skirted my cane and hurried away.

Being the omnipresent observer, as all dreams are prone to have, I deduced that she was pretending to be blind to gain access to the convention. As it turns out, she was a spy. But alas, my dream left me hanging. I will never know her purpose as a spy at the convention. Perhaps that is the way it should be. After all, in the spy game, the identity and mission of the spy are to be kept secret, known only to those directly involved.

It is frustrating when a dream ends unresolved, but it is fascinating to get caught up in the adventure while it lasts.

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