The Competition

I apologize for this late blog entry. It was a dream I had the night before Valentine’s Day and should have been posted then, but I spent time with my sweet valentine (my wonderful husband). I hope you all understand and forgive my tardiness. February 14, 2017 Anyone who has been to a county fair […]

The Wager

February 9, 2017 There are lessons we all must learn in life. Some are easy, some are difficult, and some can trap us if we aren’t careful. In a hot arid region of India, a very wealthy nobleman of sorts routinely coordinated illegal gambling activity at his luxurious estate. Another gentleman of some means was […]

Thought for the Day

We don’t always think about what it’s like to walk a mile in another person’s shoes, because we are busy actually walking that mile in our own. I will let this be my personal reminder to take a moment each day to regard what other people are going through with empathy and understanding. P.S. I […]

Adventure Anyone?

February 7, 2017 Traveling to other countries, and experiencing the people, cuisine, and cultures firsthand, can be a rare and wondrous opportunity. To all of you adventurers out there, I say seize those opportunities when they arise, and make glorious memories. Adventure was in the making for me as I pulled my navy blue passport […]


February 6, 2017 What do you know? Two dreams in one night, the excitement continues. I walked through the front door of my home to a crowd of people rummaging through my belongings, through my husband’s belongings, heck, through all of our belongings. No, they were not robbers. They were under the impression that they […]


February 6, 2017 One can never predict who might show up in their dreams, or the part they will play. How strange it was to dream of Mary Ann (yes, the one from Gilligan’s Island). Stranger still were the conditions under which we interacted. I had just arrived at the hotel where I was staying […]

All the Buzz

February 5, 2017 I know people who scoff at what they call the “tree huggers” of the world (those of us who do all we can to fully understand and protect our earth), people who say, “Why spend so much time, effort, and money to preserve this location to keep and protect that one little […]