Adventure Anyone?

February 7, 2017

Traveling to other countries, and experiencing the people, cuisine, and cultures firsthand, can be a rare and wondrous opportunity. To all of you adventurers out there, I say seize those opportunities when they arise, and make glorious memories.

Adventure was in the making for me as I pulled my navy blue passport booklet from the back pocket of my Levi’s jeans. My skateboard gripped in my right hand and balanced on my shoulder (no, I am not a skater, but anything can happen in a dream). Full of excitement, I handed my passport to the agent at the border crossing between the United States and Mexico. She was a kindly woman dressed in uniform, and she had short sand colored hair that looked a bit tousled, but in a stylish sort of way. She smiled and handed back my passport.

As I took the little navy blue booklet back, and began to move passed her, she said, “Hold on.” Oh no I thought, looking back, something must be wrong. “Don’t forget your ticket. You can’t get in without your ticket,” she finished.

“My ticket?”

“Yes, here you are,” she said holding out the little golden strip of paper for me to take. I grasped it a bit awkwardly, hoping not to lose hold of it. If I lost it, I knew I would never find it again, not with my poor eyesight.

“Thank you,” I said with a timid smile.

Walking passed the turnstile, the excitement felt more like getting on a ride at Disneyland than crossing the border into Mexico.

Placing my skateboard on the ground, I balanced myself on it with my left foot and pushed off with my right foot down a rather rockier road than I expected. More than once I bounced right off of my skateboard and had to get back on again.

Eventually the road smoothed out, and I skated passed one or two small glades. Just beyond the glades, I found myself at the entrance of a long narrow street lined with shops selling items of every kind.

Moving from one shop to the next, looking at the magnificent array of wares, I lost track of time. It was well past noon, and I had to be on my way back home before the sun went down which would exacerbate my poor eyesight to near complete blindness. Full of anxiety, I raced back to the border. Kind of like Cinderella dashing away from the ball as the clock struck midnight. Luckily, I made it back across the border into the United States, but I didn’t make it all the way home before dark. I had to find someplace to stay until the next morning.

So ended my dream adventure of skateboarding in Mexico.

It’s been years since I have traveled out of the country. If I’m blessed with another opportunity, I’ll jump on it. If not, maybe I’ll go on another travel adventure in another dream, soon.
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