January 31, 2017 Today’s post will be short and sweet. Dreams don’t always come in nice neat storybook form. Sometimes they come as random images that don’t make much sense. That is what my dreams were like last night, which makes it difficult to pick out any one thing to discuss here. Throughout the night […]

The Struggle

Not all dreams are made of blue skies, fields of flowers, and puppy dogs. Many times they can be dark and frightening and may cause your heart to pound. January 30, 2017 In the heart of South America, a small traveling hospital, similar to Doctors Without Borders, is erected. There, a young boy with dark […]

Sharing Is Caring

When we dream, recent and significant events in our waking lives tend to become incorporated into those dreams. This post entry is no exception. January 29, 2017 There I sat, struggling against the fever and chills I was suffering from, three days into a bad cold that my husband decided to share with me, staring […]